Sale of house and apartment in Berlin

Do you want to sell? Get a complete package

Many Danes have bought real estate in Berlin

During the “zeroes”, many Danes bought real estate in Berlin, due to the extremely low prices and the possibility to borrow against the free value of their Danish properties.

The crisis presents a new situation for many

Now the crisis has meant that many homeowners cannot get rid of their home in Denmark, unless they agree to sell at such a low price that the loan on the property cannot be fully covered, and they come out with a loss on the sale.

A possible property in Berlin can cause an additional problem, and it is therefore important to know what options there are for selling or renting out the property.

The market for the sale of property in Berlin

Today it is difficult, but not impossible, to sell your property in Berlin. Developments within the European financial market have not affected the real estate market in Berlin as deeply as, for example, has happened in Spain, Greece and – to a certain extent – Italy.

Avoid rogue buyers

However, when selling real estate in Berlin, one must exercise the utmost caution, as there are countless unscrupulous “possible buyers” within the real estate market. Here, in some cases, you can get bad surprises, which must be avoided at all costs.

Sale at a notary’s office

As most people already know, the transfer of real estate in Germany must be done by a notary. Admittedly, it is in principle possible to complete the sale of the real estate exclusively by contacting a notary, but this solution cannot be recommended in any way.

Real advice important for selling a house and apartment in Berlin

There are some special rules for the transfer of real estate that must be observed. Selecting and engaging a notary for a sale is not sufficient to avert these risks.

It is our (many years) experience that poor or lack of advice has in many cases led to unpleasant surprises for the seller, such as non-payment of the purchase price or even financial claims against the seller. These problems could have been avoided with the right legal assistance.

A sales package for Danes who want to sell real estate in Berlin

When a seller approaches us, we make sure that an experienced notary draws up the deed, we make sure that the purchase price is paid on time and deposited until the deed is registered without legal notices, that the buyer cannot hold the seller responsible for defects in the property, and that the seller is not met with financial demands of any kind from the buyer. We can also inform you at what price the property can be sold, as we have deep knowledge of the real estate market in Berlin.

We have a network of German accountants (Steuerberater) who can provide advice on all tax matters regarding real estate in Germany.

In short, we can offer a comprehensive “seller’s package” to all Danes who want to sell their property in Berlin.