Death and burial

Contact with undertaker and preparation of funeral

Upon death, a number of practical and legal things take place: First of all, the undertaker must be contacted and the details of the funeral determined together with the heirs. If the deceased has written a will, the undertaker can ensure that the funeral takes place in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

Contact a lawyer

A lawyer can be contacted so that the heirs receive advice regarding the handling of the deceased’s estate.

Who is automatically notified of deaths?

The probate court, the deceased’s bank, insurance company, trade union and the telephone company as well as the other public authorities are automatically notified of the death from the public register. Bank accounts that belonged to the deceased are closed when the bank receives notification of the death. The deceased’s tenancy should not be terminated before the contents have been registered and distributed to the heirs or collected.

Meeting in the probate court

Approx. 4 weeks after the death, the probate court summons those listed as the next of kin in the death report.

Private transfer

If there are funds in the estate and there is agreement among the heirs that the estate must be probated privately, it is an advantage to contact a lawyer who requests that the estate be handed over for private probate and cancels the meeting in the probate court.

If there are assets abroad

If the deceased had assets abroad, processing of the foreign estate must begin at the same time as the Danish one. In this case, a lawyer with knowledge of the law of the country where the deceased had funds is absolutely necessary. Remember that the heirs can risk fines if the treatment abroad is not completed within a certain time, which differs from country to country, but which is usually one year from the death.

If there are minor heirs

If one or more heirs are minors, private succession is not possible and an administrator is appointed by the probate court.

It is also possible to appoint the lawyer who will deal with one’s estate in the will.