Divorce and separation

If you are in a marriage and one or both parties want the marriage to end, you can either apply for legal separation or divorce.

Separation has almost the same legal consequences as a divorce. That is why many people forget about getting divorced when they have been separated.

In many cases, you can easily manage separation and divorce without a lawyer. But there are also many cases where a lawyer is needed if the divorce is to take place on reasonable terms. It can, for example, be when there are children involved or there are values ​​that are difficult to determine, such as properties or businesses or antiques or values ​​abroad.

I offer an advisory meeting where you get an overview of your rights in the event of a divorce – fixed price DKK 3,000.

At the meeting, you will get an overview of rights and procedures for divorce and separation in relation to your specific situation:

  • in relation to your children
  • separation
  • divorce
  • financial assessment of your situation
  • legal assessment of your situation
  • answers to your questions
  • clarification of the further course of your divorce and division of property